Past WBF Speakers

At Keynote we’ve built a trusted network of industry leaders who continue to share their inspirational insights and exciting new projects with our various event audiences.
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Nick Spanos

Crypto Pioneer

Charlie Shrem

Bitcoin Pioneer

Brian Hoffman

CEO of OB1

Mate Tokay

COO at

Marc Low

CEO, Fuel Network

Dimitri Chupryna

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, TaaS Fund, TAAS Capital Fund

Josh Dykgraaf

Designer and Illustrator

Nancy Wu

Co-founder, Decentral/Jaxx

Hon. Wayne Caines

Minister of National Security, with responsibility for ICT Policy & Innovation | Government of Bermuda

Walter Drieënhuizen

Partner Manager Benelux, AfterPay - Arvato Finance B.V.

Alexia Hefti

Blockchain Tax Lead, Deloitte

Craig Sellars

Co-founder & Advisor, Tether

Kate Hiscox

Founder and CEO, DRIVE Markets

Yacine Teraï

CEO, StartupToken

Shigeki Kakutani

CEO and Founder, Quras

Abraham Cambridge

Founder & CEO, Sun Exchange

Robert D. Scott

Founder, Crypto Realm

Pierre Noizat

Founder & CEO,

Halsey Minor

Founder and CEO, Live Planet | Strategic Technology Partner and Investor in the VideoCoin Network

David Chaum

Inventor of Digital Cash

Jack Gavigan

COO, ZCash

Bill Barhydt

CEO & Founder, Abra

Jeff Berwick

Editor-In-Chief, The Dollar Vigilante

Dr. Patrick Byrne

CEO at & Founder, tZERO

Vinny Lingham

Co-founder and CEO, Civic Technologies

Roger Ver

CEO at

John McAfee

Founder at McAfee

Ryan Taylor

CEO, Dash Core


Executive Director, ConsenSys

Eva Kaili

Member of European Parliament

Brock Pierce

Blockchain Pioneer

Trevor Koverko

CEO at Polymath


Founder and Director, Bitt Inc.

Martins Liberts

Co-founder and Visioneer, Debitum Network

Veronica McGregor

Chief Legal Officer, ShapeShift

Richard Crook

CTO, Chorum Group

Jason King

Co-Founder, Kingsland University

Moe Levin

Founder, Keynote

Jason White

Founder, Stealth


President and CEO, Darcmatter

Marieke Flament

Global CMO and EMEA Managing Director, Circle

Joshua Halferty

CEO & Founder, CryptoCurve

Star Xu

CEO and Co-founder, OKCoin

Matthew Spoke

CEO & Co-Founder of Nuco & Founder, AION

Richard Titus

Advisor to the Board of Directors, Revolution Messaging

Arai Ezzra

Founder,, DDKoin and Blockspace

Albert Isola MP

Minister for Commerce, Gibraltar

Sophia Hanson

Humanoid, SingularityNET

Marjan Delatinne

Global Head of Banking, Ripple

Micah Winkelspecht

CEO & Founder, Gem

Brendan Blumer


Crystal Rose

CEO and Co-founder, Sensay

Julian Svirsky

CEO, Atlant

Ben Goertzel

CEO and Chief Scientist of SingularityNET, and Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics


CEO & Founder,

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar

CEO & Co-founder at RSK Labs

Jessica VerSteeg

CEO, Paragon Coin

Travis Skweres

CEO & Co-founder, Cryptonaut PTE. LTD

Riccardo Spagni

Core Developer at Monero

Khalid Shaka

Technical Director, Kambio Ventures

Anthony Butler

CTO at IBM Cloud

Jo-Jo Hubbard

COO & Co-founder, Electron

Seth Shapiro

CEO & Founder, AlphaNetworks

Filip Minev

Co-Founder and CTO, Delta

Justin Newton

CEO, Netki

Marco Streng

CEO at Genesis Mining

Adam Perlow

CEO, Zen Protocol Development

Jim Blasko

Co-Founder and bCommerce Labs Chief Cryptographer, Aspire

Michael Terpin

Chairman, BitAngels

Matthew Roszak

Chairman and Co-Founder at Bloq

Jeff Garzik

CEO at Bloq

Jae Kwon

CEO at Cosmos

H.E. Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr

Director General at Smart Dubai

Bruce Fenton

President at Atlantic Financial

Dr. Noah Raford

COO at Dubai Future Foundation

Eddy Travia

CEO at Coinsilium

Peter Smyrniotis

Director, Victory Square Technologies

James Catania

CEO, Intelliblock

Josh Jones

Chief Marketing Officer, Windmill Enterprise

Alex David

Head of International Business Development, FuzeX

Wojtek Kaszycki

CEO & Founder, Mobilum

Nitin Agarwal

Advisor, DeCentre

Alessandro Gadotti

Partner, Focal Point Consulting UK

Aynsley Damery

CEO & Founder, The Clarity Project

Irina Berkon

Chief Financial Officer, Platio

Sam Dastyari

Australian Senator

Nicolas Cary

President & Co-Founder,

Reggie Middleton

Founder at Veritaseum

Paul Puey

CEO & Founder, Edge

Harry Yeh

Managing Director at Binary Financial

James Bernard

Director of Business Development at DMCC

Fabian Vandenreydt

Global Head of Securities at SWIFT

Aydonat Atasever

Member of the Board and Founder of ScutiX

Sean Walsh

Founder, Redwood City Ventures & CEO, HyberBlock, Inc.

Eric Piscini

CEO, Citizens Reserve Inc.

Ruslan Gavrilyuk

Co-Founder and President,

Paulo D’Alberti

Chief Marketing Officer, BEXAM

Gabriela Chang

PR & Partners Node, EthicHub

Nebil Ben Aissa

CEO/Investor, Nexxo Network

Dr. Petar Stojanov

Managing Partner at Ebtikaar

Wesam Lootah

CEO at Smart Dubai Government

Jon Hearty

Head of Business Development, Origin

Max de Gregario

Partner at PwC

Steven Sprague

CEO, Rivetz Corp

Dean Masley

Executive Director at Blockchain Education Network

Marshall Long

Co-Founder, eBoost

Gabrielle Patrick

Founder and CEO, Knabu

Iqbal V. Gandham

Managing Director, eToro UK

Massimo Morini

Head of Interest Rates at Banca IMI

Brian Klein

Partner at Baker Marquart

Brian Crain

Head of Business Development at Monax

Bill Tai

VC - KiteVC

Paul Snow

CEO at Factom

Floris Kleemans

Former Group Strategy Head at ABN AMRO Bank

Ola Doudin

CEO and Cofounder at BitOasis

Andrew Filipowski

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Fluree

Peter Rizzo

Editor at CoinDesk

Yobie Benjamin


Chance Barnett

CEO - Crowdfunder

Todd Harris

CFO - Tech CU

Karla Friede

CEO - Nvoicepay

Rob Shavell

CEO - Abine

Silvio Tavares

CEO CardLinx Association

Brian Billingsley

CEO - Klarna

Thaer Sabri

CEO Electronic Money Association

Natalia Tokar

Business Development Partner, Ties.Network

Jimmy J.P. Snoek

Co-founder & BizDevLead, Tykn

Marianna Alshina

Co-founder and CBDO, Cappasity

Mark Hamilton

CEO & Co-Founder, Solo Energy

Jesse Uzzell

CEO & Founder, Climate Futures

Steve Beauregard

Partner / Chief Revenue Officer at Bloq, Inc., Founder & Chairman at GoCoin

Maximilian Marenbach

Head of Partnerships & Business Development, Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

Prof. Dr. Niclas Adler

CEO, SeaHeal AG

Mike Kalomeni

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Elementus


CEO, TokenCommunities Plc.