This year's speakers

Keynote speakers are the best and brightest from the world of innovation. They are the innovators, thought leaders and decision makers that ignite discussion and illuminate tomorrow’s financial landscape; they are your shortcut to the future.To become a speaker, please contact

Moe Levin

Founder at Keynote FZE

Ryan Taylor

CEO, Dash Core

Matthew Spoke

CEO & Co-Founder of Nuco & Founder, AION

Richard Titus

Serial Entrepreneur

Arai Ezzra


Albert Isola MP

Minister of Commerce, Gibraltar

Sophia Hanson

Humanoid, SingularityNET

Crystal Rose

Co-founder, Sensay

Julian Svirsky

CEO, Atlant

Ben Goertzel

CEO and Chief Scientist of SingularityNET, and Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics

Jeremy Gardner

Founder at Augur

Craig Sellars

Co-founder & Advisor, Tether

Jessica VerSteeg

CEO, Paragon Coin

Fernando Gutierrez

Head of Legal, Dash Core

Trevor Koverko

CEO at Polymath

Volodymyr Panchenko, CEO & Founder

Marcus Killick

Chairman of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange

Eva Kaili

Member of European Parliament

Juan Llanos

Blockchain, FinTech, Compliance Executive & Advisor

Kevin Hobbs

CEO, Vanbex Group

Justin Newton

CEO, Netki

Alexander “ZeroGravity” Kokhanovskyy, СEO & Founder

Jeff Berwick

Editor-In-Chief, The Dollar Vigilante

Vinay Gupta

Founder, Hexayurt Capital

Michael Terpin

Chairman, BitAngels

Yuri Lobyntsev

CTO & Co-Founder at Cindicator

William Quigly

Founder, Cashel Enterprises



Antanas Guoga

Member of European Parliament, Lithuania

Hugh Madden

Technical Director, openANX

Bruce Fenton

President at Atlantic Financial

Vadim Kalukhov

CIO at Crassula, former CIO at Central Bank of Russia

Esteban Van Goor

Tax Lawyer, Baker & McKenzie

Eddy Travia

CEO at Coinsilium

Jason King

Founder of Unsung

Moshe Hogeg

CEO & Co-founder, Sirin Labs

Veronica McGregor

Partner at Goodwin

Julien Charrel

Co-founder and CEO, Gimli

Harry Yeh

Managing Director at Binary Financial

Sean Walsh

Partner at Redwood City Ventures

Oleg Seydak

Founder & CEO, Blackmoon Financial Group

Pamir Gelenbe

Partner at Libertus Capital

Gabriel Kurman

CEO, Koibanx & Co-founder, RSK

Jason Goldberg

Founder, SimpleToken

Marshall Long

Co-Founder at eBoost

Philipp Mironovich

CEO, Robomed Network



Nicolas Brand


Anthony Provasoli

Partner, Hassans International Law Firm

Christian Luecke

Co-founder, Cryptonaut

Daniel Kelman

General Counsel,

Mehdi Amar

Co-founder, Dether

Natalia Tokar

Business Development Partner, Ties.Network

Jimmy J.P. Snoek

Business Developer, Tykn

Marianna Alshina

Co-founder and CBDO, Cappasity

Nathanael Coonrod

Managing Member and Lead Developer, Higher Edge Software

Adam Perlow

Founder, Zen Protocol

Stephane Ifrah

CEO, Napoleon Capital

Slavena Savcheva

Co-founder and BizDev, CrowdWiz

Christophe David

CFO, DomRaider

Roderik van der Veer

Co-founder & CTO, SettleMint

Arwen Smit

Co-founder & CMO, DOVU

John Wise

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Loci, Inc.

Xavier Hawk

CEO, Permacredits

Gaurang Torvekar

Co-Founder & CTO, Indorse

Peter Fedchenkov

Co-founder and CEO, INS

Darius Eghdami

CEO, FansUnite

Karl Kreder

Co-founder of Grid+ & Director of Energy at ConsenSys

Chris Jensen

Co-Founder & COO of RightMesh

Benjamin Ben Zimra

COO & Co-founder at Emeleum

Samit Singh


Stanislav Glukhoedov

CEO and Founder, Prosense


CEO & Co-founder, OTOY

Valerian Bennett

Founder & CEO, PopChest

Pavel Bains

CEO, Bluzelle

Olga Samoylova

PR Manager, HACKEN

Raphaël Mazet

CEO, Alice

Reeve Collins

Co-founder & CEO, BlockV

Nhial Majok

CEO & Founder, PesaBase

Daria Generalova

Marketing Strategy Advisor, ICOBox

Rita Golub

Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Lead, North America at Bankex

Saija Mahon

Representative of Eb3pro

Omar Rahim

CEO, Energi Mine

Francis Fitzpatrick

Representative, Toggl


CEO, PlayKey

Some of Our Past Speakers

Moe Levin

Founder at Keynote FZE

John McAfee

Founder at McAfee

Patrick Byrne

CEO at

Vinny Lingham

CEO - Civic

Charlie Shrem

CTO of Intellisys

Star Xu

CEO - OKCoin

Roger Ver

CEO at

Arai Ezzra


Jeremy Gardner

Founder at Augur

Craig Sellars

Co-founder & Advisor, Tether

Riccardo Spagni

Core Developer at Monero

Anthony Butler

CTO at IBM Cloud

Brock Pierce

Managing Partner, Blockchain Capital

Eva Kaili

Member of European Parliament

Marco Streng

CEO at Genesis Mining

Michael Terpin

Chairman, BitAngels

Matthew Roszak

Chairman and Co-Founder at Bloq

Jeff Garzik

CEO at Bloq

Ruslan Gavrilyuk

Co-Founder at

Jae Kwon

CEO at Cosmos

H.E. Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr

Director General at Smart Dubai

Bruce Fenton

President at Atlantic Financial

Dr. Noah Raford

COO at Dubai Future Foundation

Esteban Van Goor

Tax Lawyer, Baker & McKenzie