Robert D. Scott

Founder, Crypto Realm

Robert D. Scott

Founder, Crypto Realm


Using his father’s military career of discipline and honor as an example, Robert began his professional life at a young age. He would involve himself in sales during summers away from school. Robert honed his skills in sales at Sutro & Company selling Certificates of Deposits.

1993 was a year of a career change for Robert. He met an acquaintance at college who was employed with a well-known corporation involved in the international automobile trade. It was within this arena of international commerce that Robert discovered his true passion: important and exporting automobiles.

Robert’s talents granted him the position of lead broker trading automobiles in the Asian market. However, due to unfavorable market conditions, Robert decided to utilize his talents and create his own organization highlighting a niche area. After building and establishing this venture, Robert became the largest importer of US brand automobiles in Italy.

In addition to Robert’s success in international commerce, he desired to cultivate business opportunities in the United States. He accomplished this by partnering with an expert in the fields of precious metals and crude oil.

In 2010, Lustrous Metals, LLC and Smart Money Commodities, LLC were born. Lustrous Metals, LLC was later sold in August 2011 to a silver mining consortium. Nevertheless, Robert continued on with the success of Smart Money Commodities, LLC, investing in petroleum projects within Texas.

In late 2011, Robert enrolled his son into Pee-Wee football. While at the sporting goods retailer, he noticed the compression shorts for his son had yellow padding in them. This yellow coloration reminded him of Kevlar fabric. Within a few months, Robert possessed his first prototype ballistic underwear.

Robert turned this prototype into a multimillion-dollar business with a 20,000 sq. ft. factory to build all sorts of tactical products for police and military professionals. In October 2016, Robert sold Armour Wear LLC and is currently a polished speaker on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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