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Day 1
02 Sep 2019
Day 2
03 Sep 2019
Day 3
04 Sep 2019

Banking on blockchain, the killer application

Rather than imploding the banks, blockchain could mean banks are trusted with even more because we already trust them with so much. Explore the issues and solutions blockchain provides.

The battle between ‘cypherpunks’ and Wall Street

How the old guard with their monopoly on lending and financial services will compete with the people-powered, trust-less decentralized autonomous organizations that could be formed on cryptocurrency.


Homelessness, refugees, the unbanked. Can blockchain technology provide solutions that thousands are desperately seeking? We sit down with experts in government and NGOs to look for solutions.

Transforming Renewable Energy

Blockchain transforming the management of supply chains, decentralized energy and water systems, sustainable fundraising sources and carbon markets.


How blockchain allows real decentralized economies in the gaming industry.

Blockchain And The Fourth Wave of Media Technology

Role of blockchain in the transformation of media and advances in new technology and business to grow beyond current limitations and provide solutions in reaching new potential capabilities.

Regulation Panel

A conversation on the potential frameworks for the regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies that can provide solutions and security.

Creating A 100% Renewable Future With Blockchain & Flexibility

An overview of the catalysts and changes to the global energy system as well as blockchain solutions for energy storage

Next Generation Medicine Development

A look at how cryptocurrency can provide creative solutions for innovation and costs in health care and development.

E-Commerce and Complex Supply Chains

Blockchain is changing the game. But what does it mean for e-commerce and cross border supply chains?



Stifling innovation and squashing competition – learn how regulation can be your best friend or worst enemy.


The intersection of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and gaming; coupled with the rise of eSports and an opportunity for developers to properly monetize and participate in the gaming community, the intersection...
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The New Oil.

Data and what it means for Digital Identity And Blockchain

Government: The Future of Blockchain-based Voting

Eliminating Fraud with transparency

Decentralized Finance

Explore the innovation and progress of decentralizing platforms that allow anyone in the world find and use financial products in a highly secure manner.

Changing the landscape with DER

DER (distributed Energy Resources) changing the landscape for Energy with practical applications.

Bringing Real-World Data to Smart Contracts

Examine how different types of data can be made accessible in peer-to-peer ecosystems and the different industries that can benefit from smart contract technology.

How Public and Private Blockchains relate to Authoritarian Governments

Get lost in the rabbit hole of decentralized distributed ledger and what it means for authoritarians.

Breaking Down Bitcoin: Bursting Bubble or 12,000 Year Triumph?

The ins-and-outs and the ups-and-downs, what does it all mean for bitcoin? Answers to the questions many of us have on in the wake of fintech breaking into the mainstream...
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State of The Market

A look at the year that was 2018 in cryptocurrency and blockchain, examining the trends and year end outlook of mainstream financial markets and projections for what’s next in fintech.

Emulating Supply Chain in Healthcare

Eliminating and simplifying the complex medical process by eliminating the series of validations and multiple third parties acting on behalf of other entities.

Privacy on The Blockchain

A cryptographic take on how blockchain can be used to protect your privacy.

Humanitarian Blockchain: A Humane, Sustainable World

How donation tracking and funding can streamline and boost a hurting world.

Fireside Chat

Join a special fireside chat with some of the most successful investors, influencers and experts in cryptocurrency in a special conversation on how blockchain is a game changer.

Innovation, Implementation and Control

How Governments are competing for relevance and control

Digital Identity in A World of Paper

Anonymity in a peer-to-peer digital market ecosystem.

The Tokenization of Asset Management

Using tokenization to improve liquidity and decrease liability in managing assets.

Lack of Transparency in Crypto: The Irony

How to cultivate peer-to-peer accountability during the age of decentralization.

Bitcoin 2.0 – Getting to $1 Trillion

A presentation providing insightful strategy and scalability solutions to help reach the trillion-dollar market cap for bitcoin.

The Economics of Crypto And the Next Crash

Economists and Market Analysts agree a crash is booming – what role will securities, cryptocurrencies and futures play.


How AI And Blockchain Are Disrupting E-Commerce

Looking at the ways that artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies have cultivated a decentralized e-commerce marketplace.

New Monetization Opportunities in The Blockchain Era

With a new e-commerce marketplace in a decentralized peer to peer ecosystem we take a look at crypto-economics and the new potential that exists for monetization.

Fireside Chat: Remittance Industry

A deep dive into how blockchain is disrupting the remittance industry.

Bringing The Next Billion Consumers to The Decentralized Economy

With the cross-over into the mainstream marketplace, we explore what unique values and opportunities will draw the next crop of consumers into the decentralized economic marketplace.

Blockchain & The Energy Transition: Cooperation as A Competitive Advantage

A look at what values and strengths can be forged through collaboration in gaining a competitive market advantage.

The Future of Crypto: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Do you know where you will find yourself as the history of crypto unfolds? Gain the tools to navigate the economics and coming market trends in the decentralized marketplace.

PRIVACY, Cryptography and Why It Matters

A key component in blockchain technology is the transparency – Where do your data and privacy play a role and how do you protect yourself?